Lake Management

It's All About the Water

It is the water of Big Pond that has brought together families and friends for generations. Preserving the health of the Big Pond ecosystem is the primary objective of the Big Pond Association. 

As outdoorsmen, homeowners and concerned citizens, there are many good reasons that YOU should also be concerned.

Lake Management Fund

Combating invasive and non-natives is an expensive and timely battle. Chemical treatments and weed harvesting are not only expensive, but also require approval from local and state governments. Expenses can easily exceed $50,000 annually and sometimes 'success' is only containing the problem. Read more about the nightmare milfoil can be in  the   article below about the Stockbridge Bowl.  

ARTICLE :    [Stockbridge Bowl vs. milfoil]

Every year the Big Pond Association votes at the annual meeting to move a sum of money to the Lake Management Fund. At the moment we have recently exceeded our initial $100,000 goal and are continuing to build the coffers for if/when it is needed . Although this may sound like a lot of money, it will only be the tip of the iceberg if a threat is found.

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