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Welcome to Big Pond!

Big Pond is a true Berkshire gem! 330 acres of pristine water, offering peaceful kayaking, great fishing (both summer and winter), the oldest active girl scout camp, and a vibrant community of property owners dedicated to the maintenance of this wonderful place. Whether you are visiting us for a day, weekend or a season, please take a moment to reflect on your experience and be careful that all you leave behind are good thoughts and memories.

Lake residents who would like to take a more active role in lake activities -- join the Big Pond association and volunteer for one of the many committees, or simply participate in one of the many scheduled activities.

- Board of Directors, Big Pond Association

Big Pond Association Mission Statement


It is with profound sadness and heavy hearts that the Board of Directors regrets to inform you that Rich Gallup passed away on Saturday, January 4, 2020. Rich had an unparalleled love for Big Pond and the Big Pond community. He was instrumental in turning a tired and weak association into a socially vibrant and environmentally conscious community. His tireless stewardship over Big Pond kept him in constant communications with the State Department of Conservation and Recreation, Environmental Scientists, and other lake associations to stay informed and act on water quality issues to ensure that our lake remained second to none in the Berkshires.

Rich, we will all do our best to continue your stewardship of Big Pond while you keep a watchful eye from above. We miss you and God bless you.

A grateful Big Pond Association

Board of Directors

President: Dan Wollman daniel.wollman@ctmemory.net

Vice President: Jeff Mitchell

2nd Vice President: Fred Ryon

Treasurer: Janice Hills

Secretary: Liz Nardi

Board Members

Phil Magovern Terry Smith Marc Schecter George Townsend

Buddy Bardsley Bonnie Peel Glenn Greenough Nancy Cornell Kait Gallup

Jarrod Orszulak Mike Failla Don Goss Jim Henry Corey Liptak