Its All About the Water

It is the water of Big Pond that has brought together families and friends for generations. Preserving the health of the Big Pond ecosystem is the primary objective of the Big Pond Association. As outdoorsmen, homeowners and concerneded citizens there are many good reasons that YOU should also be concerned.

  • Non-native and invasive weeds such as milfoil and species such as zebra mussels can quickly do serious damage
    • Invasive weeds can overgrow lakes, making it so that native species can not compete for sunlight and nutrients.
    • Invasive weeds can made swimming and boating difficult or even impossible
    • Zebra mussels can make mooring boats near impossible and require lifts or that all vessels are removed from the water after use.
  • Real estate values are directly correleated with the health of Big Pond

Lake Management Fund

Combating invasive and non-natives is an expensive and timely battle. Chemical treatments and weed harvesting are not only expensive, but also require approval from local and state governments. Expenses for can easily exceed $50,000 annually and sometimes 'success' is only containing the problem. Read more about the nightmare milfoil can be in this article about the Stockbridge Bowl


Every year the Big Pond Association votes at the annual meeting to move a sum of money to the Lake Management Fund. At the moment we have recently exceeded our initial $100,000 goal and are continuing to build the 'war chest' for if/when it is needed . Although this may sound like a lot of money, it will only be the tip of the iceberg if a threat is found.

Other Resources


  • Otis Town Beach Info
  • Massachusetts Environmental Police Boating Safety Website
  • Zebra Mussel Video



Ken Wagner's State of BigPond Presentation
Presentation from 2014 BPA Annual Meeting
Big Pond_2014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Brochure on keeping Big Pond Clean and Safe
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Zebra Mussel Brochure
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Diagnostic and Feasibility (shortened form)
Diagnostic and Feasibility Study 2006 07[...]
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Diagnostic and Feasibility Study (Full Length w/ Appendicies - Large Download)
Diagnostic and Feasibility Study 2006 07[...]
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Being a member of the Big Pond Association is the simplest way to show your support. As a 501c3 non-profit organization 100% of your membership dues go directly towards supporting the mission of the Big Pond Association, preserving the health of Big Pond. Multiple membership levels are available:


Gold Membership: $100+

Gift TBD

Silver Membership: $50

Includes a 2021 Big Pond calendar

Membership: $25


Membership form for all levels below. All dues and donations are tax deductible.

2020 Big Pond Membership Form
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